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Don’t Be Evil

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment
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I support the goal of Google to become Carbon Neutral, but not for the reasons you might think.  Let me back up a bit to explain.  I have liked Google products for quite some time.  I don’t remember when I first started using Google, but I do remember recommending it to coworkers who had never heard of it before the year 2000.  As a simple and accurate search engine it could not be beat and only got better over time.  Several years ago I switched my email to Google’s GMail and a few years ago I started using Google Reader for all the blogs I monitor.

On January 2009 Google announced it’s official opposition to California’s Proposition 8.  I found this blog that states my basic opposition to the statement, but I would go a bit further to say that they are wrong from a Biblical perspective rather than just a religious tradition perspective.  Google has a stated goal to “don’t be evil“, but in this opposition to God’s Word they clearly are.

In light of this information I am slowly moving myself away from Google services.  So far it has been rather hard.  This blog was the first step when I moved it to WordPress.  I’ve also started using alternate search engines such as Worio, Duck Duck Go, and  Google reader is taking some more work.  I put a question out on, but so far none of the alternatives look as good.  I also don’t have as much incentive for Reader and Google maps or Gmail because they each have no ads for Google to make money from.  My big migration push is to stop using Google search.

Back to my initial statement about Google going Carbon Neutral.  I support it not because I believe it is good for Google or even good for the environment, but because I believe it will be detrimental to both and thereby allow other more ethical companies to prosper.

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