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Florida Election 2010

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment
Map of USA with Florida highlighted
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I’ve been doing some research for the 2010 election coming up soon.  I discovered a good site that may be helpful to others here in the Florida.

Judge Retention – At the bottom of each section is an “Additional Information” and a “Recommendation” section.  The additional information makes a good case for the recommendations and I haven’t found any I disagree with.

Amendments – I disagree with their recommendation of “Yes” on #2, but not very strongly, and it will likely pass anyway.

TEA – A good article (but very long) on why the TEA party listed on our Florida ballot is not the Tea Party Movement, which also explains why I could find so little information about the candidates running for this minor party.  It helped me decide to vote for Adam Putnam instead of Ira Chester even though the former voted for TARP.