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This Post Predates the Universe

The Passage of Time
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If the universe came about by chance random processes then why does it have to be old just because it appears old?  By old I mean older than three seconds.  Why do most people believe the universe to be older than three seconds?  I suppose the answer is that they think it more likely or probable that small amounts of change were introduced by chance over a vast amount of time rather than a large amount of change three seconds ago.

But as my son would say, why?  Well, perhaps because if it were only three seconds old then the beginning of this thought would be part of the random existence that popped out of nothing three seconds ago and your experiences, thoughts, and even beliefs about the nature of the universe are part of the same random chance that need make no more sense than exist at all.  But are things really different if we allow random processes acting on randomly existing laws of nature to use a random chronology we call time to bring everything we know about?

I propose that it matters not how long you beleive it took for nothing to create everthing in as much as believing the universe is three seconds old is no more illogical than beleiving it to be billions of years old.  Of course the alternative that I subscribe to is that an all knowing all powerful God created everything we see and understand in six literal days and provided for orderly laws, repeatable conditions, and thought so that these things we are discussing now are meaningful considerations.  These choices include whether to accept Jesus Christ as Creator God, Redeemer and Friend or explain away our existence as mere fluctuations of matter and energy serving no purpose and existing for no reason.

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