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Another Socialized Medicine Success

May 14, 2009 4 comments
The Titanic at Southampton
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I  didn’t realize the full meaning of the recent announcement of the stars of the movie Titanic helping the last survivor of the Titanic until Glenn Beck talked about it on his radio show.  It is a classic example of the failure of socialized medicine and the success of capitalism.  Here we have an elderly lady in England who paid taxes for socialized medicine most of her life and now when she needs nursing home care she can’t afford it and the health care system won’t pay for it.

On the other hand we have some capitalists in Hollywood who have made money by selling a product.  Now they of their own free will are making a charitable donation to help this lady.  They weren’t forced by the government to make these donations, nor will a portion of the funds be lost in the bureaucracy of government.  So, remind me again why we would want to bring this sort of universal health care to the US?

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