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The Ultimate Proof of Creation

August 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I just finished reading The Ultimate Proof of Creation by Dr. Jason Lisle.  It is a fantastic book and is now my favorite book promoted by Answers In Genesis.  Dr. Lisle makes us think about the evidence, consistency, and rationality in ways some never have.  There are two chapters on logic that were a bit difficult, but well worth reading.  If you must skip those chapters in order to read it, please do.  Be sure to also read appendix A, B, & C as well.

The Ultimate Proof

The Ultimate Proof

You’ll have to read the book to learn what the Ultimate Proof is, but I will give you an interesting quote from Appendix B.

In order to know for certain that God does not exist, you would have to know everything about the universe; otherwise, how could you be sure that God is not found in some area of the universe that you have not explored?  And you’d also have to know about everything that is potentially beyond the universe — otherwise, how could you know that God is not found “outside” the physical universe?

You’d have to know absolutely everything about everything in order to know that there is no God: in which case you would be omniscient — one of the aspects of deity.  So you would essentially have to be God in order to know that there is no God — in which case God does exist.

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