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South Carolina

Who is to blame for the Trump win in South Carolina?  I can think of several possibilities.

  • Those classifying themselves as Evangelicals.
  • Conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity not positioning themselves against the liberal candidate.
  • Every true conservative who voted for a conservative candidate not selected by the Iowa voters.  If Rubio and Carson had dropped out after Iowa and supported Cruz, it is unlikely Trump would have won SC even with the open primary.  We can’t know for sure, but going forward the best thing these two candidates can do for our country is to stop splintering the conservative vote.
  • Bible believers not fulfilling their responsibility to share the gospel.  This may seem completely unrelated and directly it is, but indirectly a life changed by the gospel is much more likely to be reading their Bible and using it as measure of a candidate.  If we experienced a national revival it would increase the quality of all our candidates and take us to a place where the distinction among them is akin to what we would call a superficial difference in the current race.  Ultimately the prayer of the righteous would be heard and God would direct the thoughts of those voting to select the best candidate.


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