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South Carolina

February 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Who is to blame for the Trump win in South Carolina?  I can think of several possibilities.

  • Those classifying themselves as Evangelicals.
  • Conservative commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity not positioning themselves against the liberal candidate.
  • Every true conservative who voted for a conservative candidate not selected by the Iowa voters.  If Rubio and Carson had dropped out after Iowa and supported Cruz, it is unlikely Trump would have won SC even with the open primary.  We can’t know for sure, but going forward the best thing these two candidates can do for our country is to stop splintering the conservative vote.
  • Bible believers not fulfilling their responsibility to share the gospel.  This may seem completely unrelated and directly it is, but indirectly a life changed by the gospel is much more likely to be reading their Bible and using it as measure of a candidate.  If we experienced a national revival it would increase the quality of all our candidates and take us to a place where the distinction among them is akin to what we would call a superficial difference in the current race.  Ultimately the prayer of the righteous would be heard and God would direct the thoughts of those voting to select the best candidate.


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Donald Trump

February 22, 2016 Leave a comment

Could you vote for Donald Trump if he were the nominee?  For me that is a difficult question.  Lets run down some issues in no particular order.

Health Care – Trump is at least as left as Sanders on this.  He takes the Socialist position of being for a single payer health plan.  On this point Donald’s rhetoric matches his action – liberal on both counts.  He does so under the liberal guise of having to help everyone.  This is a fallacy in that the best way to help everyone is to allow the free market to work.  The free market will provide better health care to more people than any forced socialism.

Life – None of Trumps actions indicate a respect for life.  From his support of liberals for public office to his statement about his extreme pro-abortion sister being a good candidate for a supreme court justice.  His statements about why he considers himself pro-life now are entirely based on an emotional response to someone close to him.  A position based on emotions alone (and not on principle) can easily be changed based on new emotions.  His continued support of public funding for Planned Parenthood makes it crystal clear – anyone who thinks that an organization killing off half of their patients, can be trusted to do anything good doesn’t understand evil.

Economy – For all he touts about being a good business man, he’s worth Billions less than if he had invested in an index fund and has been at the helm of several company bankruptcies.  While a bankruptcy is legal, it defrauds creditors of funds owed them and isn’t a sign of a healthy company – not exactly the type of businessman you want running a company in debt, much less a country deeply in debt.

Environment – His verbal stances on these issues are somewhat conservative, but with nothing firm to go on, they remain to be seen.

Establishment Influence – Trump claims that due self funding his campaign that he won’t be influenced by anyone.  At the same time, in the very first debate he declared why he gave money to political candidates – so they would do his bidding.  Being very transparent in this respect, we can expect no less of him when he is on the other side of the equation.  He most certainly will make deals he considers to be in his own best interest without regard for what he is giving up to do so.  The end result is that he will be the most easily swayed because he doesn’t stand at all on principle.

Trust – Trump is famous for his infidelity.  Divorcing his first wife after an affair with the woman who became his second wife.  This vow he also did not keep and is now in his third marriage.  Now, past indiscretions to not mean a person realize the their deceit, confess it to God and ask for his forgiveness, but Trump shows no sign of this whatsoever.  If he can’t be trusted to keep a promise to his wife, how can he be trusted to govern a nation?

Education – On his website Trump claims that he will end Common Core and make education a priority.  Without more detail, it is extremely vague what this means, but it at least appears to remove the possibility of eliminating the department of education which would be the best thing that could be done for education.

Immigration – His verbal stances on these issues are somewhat conservative, but with nothing firm to go on, they remain to be seen.

National Defense – He seems to be all over the map on this one.  He talks strongly against ISIS, but wouldn’t have stopped Iraq.  As with many issues he lacks details about his plans going forward, so it is difficult to see even what he plans to do, much less how likely it is that he will follow through on his word.

Religious Liberty – His stance on Kim Davis clearly put him in the category of those against religious liberty.

In the end his only positions (of those I have covered) that seem conservative are immigration and the environment.  Other than a few broad statements, we have no clear details of how he will govern on these and given his track record, have no reason to believe he will keep conservative positions on even these.


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