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2016 Primary

This 2016 primary is significantly more important than the Presidential race that it precedes.  Not because the choice of President isn’t significant, but because the first race determines the nature of the second.  When Republicans run moderates like Dole, McCain, and Romney — they lose.

Conservatism isn’t the hope of America.  America’s hope is the hope of all mankind – Jesus Christ.  The ultimate way to save our country is to save the souls of individuals through personal witness.  This is the only way lives and will be changed and saved from something much worse than a liberal President.

A Christian can do right no matter who is President/Dictator/Caesar/King, but that shouldn’t stop us from doing what we can to see that our leaders do things God’s way.  By participating in elections we have a say in that and can find the candidate that best reflects the Word of God.

Iowa polling has the following current averages:

  • 31.4% Trump
  • 25.5% Cruz
  • 14.4% Rubio
  • 08.2% Carson
  • 03.8% Bush
  • 03.6% Paul
  • 02.6% Huckabee

Polling can be off, so let’s say anyone below Trump has 10% more support than the polls indicate.  That leaves Cruz as the only candidate that can beat Trump.  But what if the polls are closer to accurate?  Take half of the support of the other candidates and give it to Cruz and he beats Trump handily.  By the numbers Cruz just needs 6% more to beat Donald.  Since Iowa is a caucus this is a real possibility, but it seems to me that if anyone supporting a candidate below 10% right now wants to do what is best for the country, they will support Cruz.

Why do people support Donald?  Here are a few reasons I have seen:


  1. Trump believes in American exceptionalism. – So does every other Republican candidate in their words and almost all more in deed than Donald.
  2. Trump is tough, unafraid to flex America’s muscles, and has the backbone America needs to take on the evil growing around the world. – Those that believe this subscribe to a different version of evil than I do.  In Donald’s world anyone against him is evil including moderately conservative commentators who he won’t take on.
  3. Trump is an experienced and tough dealmaker. – We don’t need a President who will make deals, but one who will lead.
  4. Trump is not politically correct; he’s not afraid to say what he believes. – You can avoid the stupidity of political correctness without being rude.  Proof: Cruz.  So, what does Donald believe?  His rhetoric has become less liberal sounding recently, but even so he still sounds like a liberal to me.
  5. Trump will run America like a business. – A business and a government have very different goals and responsibilities. A business strives to make itself bigger all the time with more power and control, certainly not something we want from a government with already too much.
  6. Trump’s loyalty will be only to America and Americans, not any political party, special interest group or foreign entity. – He debunked this in the first debate with his explanation of why he gave money to so many liberal candidates.  Who has not been swayed from his principles even in the face of opposition from his own party – Cruz.
  7. Trump will have Mexico build a wall. – Since Donald supported Amnesty while Cruz was fighting against it, it’s not clear whether he will really do this or not.
  8. Trump is rich – There is no doubt he has made money, but how?  His corporations (including casinos) have filed for bankruptcy four times, a tactic that though legal shows a serious inability to plan, keep commitments, and protect investments and investors.  Democrats will bring this up in the general election if necessary.
  9. Trump’s loyalty will be only to Americans. – Everything he has done to date has been for himself, why would that change?
  10. Trump can bring in votes that no other candidate can.  – This may be true in some respects as he will bring in Republicans that are so liberal they wouldn’t vote for any other Republican.  He will pull in Democrats that like his brand of liberalism better than their own candidates.  On the other hand he will drive away almost any group of people at any time and has.  He will drive away conservatives even more if he becomes the nominee to try to pander to the Democrats.  He will care more about closing the deal than staying true to principles.

Liberalism needs to be defeated no matter where it is, whether in Republicans or in liberals like Donald Trump who just like any liberal says anything to get elected.  What argument can Donald use against Hillary for which there is not a similar problem with Trump?  Not many.

As for the other candidates, Rubio lost me when he became part of the gang of eight.  Even if he hadn’t, Cruz has far more knowledge and experience defending conservatism.  Carson is surprisingly weak on religious liberty, so much so that he seems to even be against the concept.  Bush is too liberal on immigration and size of government.  Huckabee has had too many conservatives turn their back on him from previous elections to be viable.  Santorum won Iowa in the past and so many other states because he was the best conservative running at the time.  This time he isn’t.

I urge everyone to support Ted Cruz for President.  If you live in Iowa or know someone who does, please caucus for the only candidate who can beat both Trump and the Democratic nominee.  Let’s run a true conservative this time.  We’ve tried running borderline liberals and they don’t win because they don’t stand for anything.  People will vote for someone with a clear vision they don’t entirely agree with before they will vote for someone with no vision.  If I’m wrong it won’t change the advance of liberalism, only the rate of advance – and then I return to my earlier point and am thankful that my hope and the hope for America is not in a political candidate.


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