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Old Earth … Creation?

This is my response to the following post by Joshua Benson on the Facebook group “I attended Pensacola Christian College”.

The last thread was getting bogged down with too many rabbit trails for me to follow, so let’s start with a fresh thread. I’d like to ask you a serious question.
Is the Creation lying to you?
I would hope your answer is no! But I have a problem with YEC doctrine, because when you follow it to its conclusion, the answer from YEC is an unmistakable yes.
I’ll let you chew on that while I post an example below. But bear in mind, God’s character is at stake.
For example, we are told that existence has been created with the illusion of age. This seems to make sense at first. Adam and Eve were made as adults, why not everything else?

Keep in mind that the text never explicitly says that God created everything with an illusion of being older than it really is–so that idea is speculation, not doctrine.

If it is night for you right now, take a look at the stars in the sky. One particular light in that sky is known as supernova 1987A. It is a star that exploded at a distance of approximately 170,000 light years from the solar system. So the light from that explosion takes 170,000 years to reach our eyes.

Did that star explode? Or did God just make it look like it did?

A scientist looks up at the light from supernova 1987A, and he measures the distance that light traveled, and how fast light travels. He calculates that it took the starlight 170,000 years to reach us. No foundational belief, whether evolutionary or YEC, affects the math of the measurement. With the right equipment you can go measure it yourself with unquestionable accuracy.

So we’re left with only these options.

1. God caused the light to instantly zap from that source to us for the purpose of of signs in our sky. The star didn’t actually explode 170,000 years ago, although if we could fly there, we’d see exploded “star guts”. The Creation has fooled our senses. Math, the universal language of truth, has lied to us.

2. The light was not instantly zapped, but instead was under the effect of some phenomena, such as time dilation. So the star did explode, but for some reason the light arrived at earth much faster, at least from our point of view. This viewpoint says that there’s a variable in the math that’s missing.

3. The star did explode 170,000 years ago, and we can trust the math. The Creation has not deceived us.


Your premise is that existence has been created with the illusion of age, and then you cite a common example used to support that view, complete with a few of the ways it could fit in a YEC view (these are called rescuing devices). The flip side is to question why existence has been created with the ‘illusion’ of being only functionally mature/young and then cite an example such as the existence of Comets and a corresponding rescuing device – an Oort Cloud.

The point is that with our limited knowledge of the universe, both points of view will have something that can be difficult to understand, but if we start with faith in the word of God, that He exalted above his name and preserved from the generation it was written, forever, then we can believe it when it says the stars were created on day 4 of creation.

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