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Random thoughts

Here are some random thoughts I’ve collected, mostly from Sermons.

Battle the fire of your child’s will early and often.  Matches extinguished prevent wildfires.

A little sin is just as bad as a big sin.  God hates sin, all sin of all sizes, including yours.  Who wants a little cyanide?

If there is no loss of fellowship, there is no recognition that there is a problem, and nothing to restore when there is repentance.

Love is doing right by the person you love. – Bill Rice III

When a husband loves he shows submission and when a wife submits, she shows love. – Bill Rice III

The best lies are plausible and the greatest truths require faith. – Will Rice

If I choose when and how I am going to obey, I am not obeying – Will Rice

If I’m searching for happiness, its the last thing I’ll ever find. – Will Rice

Serving God is not slavery unless serving sin is freedom. – Will Rice

Things don’t always have to make sense, but they do in the Bible. – Will Rice

Parenting isn’t about what kind of kids you have, its about what kind of parents you are. – Bill Rice III

The way you get a child’s heart is through his compliance. – Bill Rice III

The quality of your life will never exceed the quality of your attitude. – Will Rice

By the time most people figure out what is not going to make them happy, they are dead. – Will Rice

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