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You are in a social gathering with 20 people trying to decide what kind of pie to bake.  Nine of them like an absolutely revolting pie that you wouldn’t give to your worst enemy.  Another nine of believe that there needs to be something better.  They band together resolved that the pie chosen by the group will compete against the revolting pie.  To your dismay they pick a pie that while not completely revolting, is far from delectable.  So, when it comes time to vote for the pie to be made your options are.
– Vote for the revolting pie.
– Vote for the not as bad pie.
– Vote for your favorite pie.
– Not vote.
We appear to have several different choices, but actually the only choice we have is this.  Should we be the one who decides which pie will be selected or should the undecided person who is still trying to decide between revolting and not as bad be the one to decide.
In America like few other countries we have the ability to vote and have a say in who will be our leaders.  Should not we as believers more than anyone exercise this freedom and use it to support that candidate who more closely follows Biblical principles?
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