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More Than Words

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CBHMinistries.org which I knew growing up as Children’s Bible Hour produces Keys for Kids which is a daily devotional.  Like so many Christian organizations they no longer use the preserved text and have lowered their music standard to only consider the words when selecting acceptable music.  Also like many Christian organizations they have a useful product despite these shortcomings.

Each of their daily devotionals for kids lists a scripture passage to read and a one page story showing practical Christianity.  The page also includes a “How about you…” application section which unfortunately no longer starts with the phrase “How about you…”.  Finally there is a key verse and a short phrase (called the Key) that is the key to the story and passage.  The stories are very practical and do a good job of tying every day events in with the Christian life.

Recently we read a story about a man and his son that discover a stop sign that had fallen off the sign post.  They tried to put the sign back on the post, but found that the only thing they could do was to prop it on its side against the post.  The son wondered if the sign would do any good because the words were sideways.  The father assured his son that although drivers might not be able to make out the word on the sign, the shape and color would be enough for them to identify it.  The application was that a Christian should be identifiable not just by the words they say, but also by the way they act, where they go, and what they do.

When I read this I also saw how application could be made to music selection.  Just as there is more that identifies a stop sign than the words, so there is more to music than the words.  The melody, harmony, rhythm, presentation, attitude, source, and context can all help us recognize good music and separate it from worldly music, even worldly music that does not have bad words.  Putting Christian words with the world’s music is like putting the word stop in script on the top of a stone ten feet off the road.  It may look nice, but no one would consider it a stop sign, and no one would stop on the road because of it.

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