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Obama Talks to Students

Reading through President Obama’s prepared speech to school students for today here are a few thoughts I had.

There was nothing overtly wrong about his speech, nothing that I could point out and say this is categorically 100% incorrect, but there are a few issues I would take with his text.

After pointing out his own home schooling as being critical to his success and later pointing out the poverty that he was educated in, he implies that dedicated teachers, supportive parents, and the best schools in the world will not be sufficient.

He tells the children that they all have something they are good at.  I might say they have an aptitude for something, but none of them are very good at anything.  Only through hard work will they become good at something and may even become good at something they don’t have a natural aptitude for.

Obama perpetuates the myth that we don’t already have a means to prevent AIDS.

His example of Jazmin Perez cites her hard work, good grades, and government handout as being critical to her success as though someone who works hard and gets good grades could not succeed without governement intervention.

Obama talks about kids “…who are pressuring you to do things you know aren’t right.”  What is right?  Does Obama have any basis for right?  He gives none and is disengenuous to say he beleives in one as his worldview requires none.

Perhaps the worst part of the speech is what it omits.  Obama talks nothing about God being the source of all knowledge of the Bible being critical to our understanding, or about the importance of our enternal destiny.  Sure he makes a closing God bless you, but that hardly is the foundational starting point it should be in such a conversation.

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