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During the 2008 Presidential election some attention was given to the charitable donations of Barack Obama and how they were under 2% annually from 2000-2004 and then strangely more than doubled in 2005.  Some said this was done for the sake of publicity. This would seem to be confirmed by the 2006 return in which his Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) went down, but his charitable contributions as a percentage of AGI went up.

However, the 2007 return information seems to contradict this.  His income went up even more considerably in than it had gone down in 2006.  It went from under a million to over four million and yet his giving went down (6.1% to 5.7%)!  It would seem that if his increased giving was for the election, that even that reason was not enough for him to keep with it as his income quadrupled. 

To be fair he is giving more than the national average of 2.2%, but then he also makes 80x more than the median American makes.  For me I have found that as my income increases I am able to give a higher percentage of my income*, apparently this is not the case for our President.

*Not just in raw figures, but as a percentage of adjusted gross income.  Which in one year amounts to more than three of Obama’s low years.

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