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Pro Life

It has been interesting to me how little the abortion issue has been talked about in this campaign cycle. On some issues such as taxes the candidates disagree about who cut taxes better. Now to most knowledgeable voters it is obvious that the Democrat will find an excuse not to do any tax cuts except for on those people not already paying taxes. If he does cut taxes it will be coupled with raising taxes on businesses, which has the same effect. The Republican is less likely to raise taxes, but still not very likely to cut them.

However, on the issue of abortion there is a clear cut difference in which both candidates have clearly opposing views. In this case the Democrat doesn’t try paint himself to be a conservative, nor for the most part does the Republican paint himself as a liberal.

The Republican would say pro life while the Democrat would say pro choice. I would say pro life vs pro murder.

I’m not sure why the candidates are not talking about this issue.

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