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Pointless Encouragement to Vote

Today I received an email from the Facebook administrator for the cause “Keep God In Schools!”.  Here is the email

I don’t like to be one to mix the pulpit with politics so I’m going to
get straight to the point. The creator of the Causes application of
facebook has emailed all the creators of the largest causes on facebook
and has asked them to post announcements reminding their members of the
election coming up this tuesday.

So, I’m going to do just that. The election is coming up and
everyone who has not voted is encouraged to do so for who ever they
choose to support.

Thats all I’m going to say and this message was not meant to
endorse any political candidate, figure, affiliation at all. It was
simply a reminded to exercise your God given right to vote.

What struck me about this was that given a perfect opportunity for him to promote the better candidates for supporting his cause, he doesn’t support anyone and yet still encourages them to vote.  It seems we need a greater appeal to vote for candidates that best represent our beliefs.  I would also add that if you don’t know where a candidate stands then you ought not vote for them at all.  Our responsibility is to vote responsibly not just vote.

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