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Questions for Candidates

At http://moderator.appspot.com Google allows people to make suggestions for questions to ask the presidential candidates and questions from others can be voted up or down. I didn’t expect much, but while many questions weren’t very good, some were. Even some that weren’t good questions were interesting for other reasons. I killed several minutes voting up questions I liked and down ones I didn’t.

Here are some of the interesting ones in the for Barack Obama category:

“In his presidential bid Joe Biden placed fifth in the Iowa caucuses, much higher than the majority of US citizens, but still garnering less than one percent of the delegates. Do you foresee Biden voters providing a bump, and if so, how will you know?”

“What kind of Government data RSS feeds can we expect to come out of your administration?”

“Why is everyone afraid to say your full name?”

“What three cabinet-level departments can the country do without?”

“Exactly why are you against drilling in ANWR at this point?”

“Please explain how the inclusion on your campaign committee of the former three top executives of Fannie Mae, who were fired for allowing this mess to occur on their watch, squares with your call for change in Washington.”

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