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Is Worthy?

This blog started as a question from by brother Michael about the difference between Facebook and a blog. In explaining them to him I discovered that he was more interested in a blog than in a Facebook account for his missionary deputation. Finding that necessitated that I find somewhere for him to put a blog, which led me here.

I had actually thought about blogging before this, but didn’t think I’d have the time. I’m still not sure.

Naming the blog was the first challenge. I wanted something short, but interesting. After considering several things along the lines of Christianity, conservatism, computers, and such I finally landed on Is Worthy.

It somewhat sounds like a name for a programming function, so that gets the computer angle in. It is a biblical reference from Revelation 5:1-5 that refers to Jesus Christ as the only one found worthy. It also is a general question that could be applied to anything as in “Is this worthy of my time”, “Is this a worthwile activity”, “Is this worth the cost?”. These are questions we should be asking about everything we do.

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